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10 Startup Quotes To Give You a Boost

Startups are uncharted territory. You’re building a product/business that you don’t know if anyone will use, let alone love. For all the startup advice that’s out there, there isn’t a true blue print you can use that will take you from A-Z. Startup success is a function of hard work, timing, experience, domain knowledge, and a little bit of luck.

Throughout your startup journey, you’re going to get beat down at some point. You could lose a vital engineer, your funding might fall through, or you lose a major customer. Any number of things could happen that kick you in the teeth. It sucks. But it’s the nature of the startups.

While I can’t offer you a silver bullet solution for your company, or a blue print to success, I can give you some hope. And sometimes that’s all you need to get you through the day, the week, the year. Below are ten different quotes from very successful and recognizable tech CEOs.


Love is an undervalued (and subjective) metric startups should measure. How do you feel about the products you use?



Tomorrow’s greatest companies will be based on today’s hobbies and side projects.



When you’re growing, people will tell you a million features they want to see. How should you asses what features to build?



Sometimes you’re ahead of the curve. Your idea just isn’t supported by today’s technology. What then?



Success is the greatest eraser of failure.

DrewHouston (2)


Do live your live because of preconceived ideas/themes. Let the world see what you see.

Sophia Amoruso


Don’t worry about the macro-economy. Focus on what you can affect…your business and its customers.

FredWilson (1)


It’s ok if people think your ideas is stupid and laugh at you. Most of the great ideas start that way.



Don’t worry about making someone sign an NDA. Chances are,  they don’t want to.



Keep it simple. Break down your idea so a five-year-old can understand.