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The 11 Most Useful Java Developer Websites


Isn’t the internet great? And we’re not just saying that because, as developers, we’ve personally built many corners of it. We also rely on the web as our best resource for improving skills and solving problems as we seek to build better code.

Today we’re focusing particularly on Java resources. So if you live and breathe Oracle (or don’t yet but want to learn more about it), here are our favorite go-to sites for Java developers.


1) StackOverflow

This is possibly the most popular site not just for Java, but in the programming world at large. StackOverflow—an extension of the StackExchange network—provides millions of programming questions and answers. The site is curated by a social network of fellow programmers who both provide answers themselves and vote on the best of answers others have written.

In the unlikely event that you can’t find the answer to your question already on Stackoverflow, you can ask a new question and a wide network of expert programmers will be there to provide an answer almost immediately. The site also offers an abundance of code examples for those seeking to learn Java by the example of others.



2) Java Language Specification

It’s certainly not the most fun read, but many Java developers recommend this site for times when they’ve hit a bump in the road and just don’t know how to proceed. If your code is creating wacky results, jump over to this Oracle-hosted site to find an answer straight from the creators of Java. It’s like finally pulling out the owner’s manual after you’ve exhausted trying to fix the problem yourself.


3) Ideone

If you have an error in your code but just aren’t sure where, use Ideone to run your code online and find the problem. You can also use this site to show compiling errors to others, and even save a link to the code for later reference.



4) Rose India

If you’re new to Java and are looking for a self-paced introduction that is succinct and easy to follow, Rose India is a great resource. The site doesn’t go far enough in depth to make you an overnight Java expert, but it will certainly help autodidacts build a foundation of understanding in the language, from which they can grow. Though Rose India’s layout is less than ideal, the combination of succinct, useful articles and video tutorials for beginners make the site worth navigating.



5) Java World

This site offers a vast library of articles and tutorials on Java topics. The tutorials are excellently written and easy to grasp, including pictures and diagrams to follow along.



6) Coursera

Coursera is widely regarded across the web as the best site for accessing video lectures and courses. With many computer science courses to choose from, this site is a great option for those who learn best in a lecture setting.



7) Java Practices

Just because you can write Java code, doesn’t mean it’s good Java code. This site separates the good from the ugly by explaining best practices within different categories of Java development. Programmers praise this site for being easy to navigate and providing quick, straightforward answers without the extra fluff.



8) Code Review

If you’re working on a line of code and don’t have any senior engineers around to review it for you, this site—powered by Stack Exchange—is a great resource. Simply copy/paste your code block into a new post, and you can get feedback from experts within minutes.



9) DZone

This site is a bit like a Reddit just for developers. You never really know what you’re going to get. But most developers post their new articles here, so you’ll find a wide array of tutorials, news, and new ideas about Java and other programming languages. You can use DZone either to search for answers on particular issues, or just click through the front page and see what you stumble upon.


10) Reddit

Speaking of Reddit—most folks are familiar with this site as a source for news and hilarious cat videos. But did you know that there is also a very active subreddit featuring programming news, Q&A’s, and code examples from Java experts? You never know what you’ll find on this subreddit—but for Java experts, it’s a great stop to include in your daily wanderings around the web. You might just happen upon something you never knew before!



11) Wikipedia

It’s almost too obvious to include, but in any roundup of useful sites, we just can’t leave out Wikipedia. Whether it’s for Java, another programming language, or just life in general—Wikipedia is the place to go for introductory answers to all of life’s questions. If you hear a programming term you’re not familiar with and just want a basic rundown of what it is without going too in-depth, look to Wikipedia to get the gist of what you want to know.


Well, that’s our list! Do you have any favorite sites for Java developers that we left out? Share your go-to resources with us in the comments below!