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7 Best Websites for Learning Programming


If you’re new to coding, you’ll be pleased to hear that there are a ton of great resources on the web to help brand new programmers learn the craft. In fact, some of the best programmers in the industry are autodidacts with no formal degree in computer science.

Teach yourself the foundations of programming and prepare for your first coding interview using these eight websites made for learning programming.

1) Codecademy

Indisputably the best known resource on the web for learning to code, Codecademy has a wide array of offerings and a well thought out teaching style. A great benefit of this program is its interactivity—with opportunities to get your hands dirty from the very first lesson. And with a separate panel that both instructs and shows your mistakes, it’s the next-best thing to having a private coding tutor right beside you.

2) TheNewBoston

This video tutorial site offers courses in everything under the sun, from JavaScript to world history. But the free programming tutorials can’t be beat. You can watch beginner’s tutorials in app development, just about any programming language, app development, and even products like Adobe Photoshop. These tutorials are necessarily not as in-depth as the paid and programming specific sites, but it’s a great place to get your feet wet if you’re not yet ready to make a financial investment.

3) Code Avengers

If you need a little more fun mixed into your learning experience, Code Avengers may be your best bet. With each course designed as edutainment, you’ll be having fun and learning at the same time. The program is complete with little games to play after each lesson as you move through the program. Downsides here are the language limitations—Code Avengers only offers HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript for the time being.

4) Coding House

If you’ve got a chunk of dedicated free time, Coding House is a great place to learn programming in a short span of time. Advertised as “the only full immersion coding boot camp,” this program specializes in quick results. In exchange for efficiency, Coding House does of course come with a heftier price tag than some of the other options. But if you’re more interested in a fixed, intensive curriculum to lead you along the way—this one may be worth the investment.

5) Khan Academy

This less structured program doesn’t go about teaching any particular programming language. Rather, Khan Academy teaches the patterns of programming. It’s a great start to get a handle on how programming works in general before you dive into specific languages.

6) Treehouse

If you want to learn to program for a specific project or purpose, Treehouse is the perfect resource for you. The courses are organized for novice programmers to achieve specific goals—such as creating a WordPress theme, a responsive website, or an application. Treehouse is also great supplemental education for more well-rounded developers who are seeking a step-by-step guide for a specific project or task.

7) Udacity

For those who learn best in a lecture style, Udacity’s interactive video lecture and quiz approach may be a great fit. Taught by a variety of top notch instructors—even a few Google employees—the courses are a great match for those who prefer to watch rather than read their learning experience. However, critics cite a lack of streamlined flow between courses as one downside to this site. You’ll learn from a lot of individually interesting courses, but there’s no tailored curriculum here.

BONUS: Teach Your Kid to Code

What about the next generation coder in your house, who wants to learn what Mom or Dad is doing? Check out Scratch 2.0. This offline software program has had amazing results in teaching kids 8 years old (or even younger with parental guidance) the basics of programming. With fun colors and characters leading the way, your child can be entertained for hours while learning skills that will last them a lifetime.

Which of these sites have you tried for learning programming? What are your favorites? Any best picks you forgot? Let us know in the comments! We’d love to start a conversation with you.



Image courtesy of Amit Agarwal.