Is C++ Dead?

C++ is everywhere — many of the applications that run on Windows and Linux are written in it, not to mention that most of the gaming industry depends on C++. Open source uses C++. Many similar programs won’t match the performance of C++, but in specific cases they are ‘good enough’ and generally easier to learn. No language is the be-all-end-all, but we think we can rest easy knowing that C++ will always be around, despite the newer, sleeker languages emerging. Developers will continue to hate on it because it’s bloated, and difficult to learn, but in reality, it’s functional and fast.

Considerations Before Switching Servers

Most of the reasons for switching from one database to another runs on a case by case basis. There’s surely no one-size-fits-all when it comes to databases. Unless there is a strong reason to make the switch, it’s usually not a priority for companies. While MySQL and MariaDB seem to be the easiest shift because they are in the same ecosystem, the considerations from MySQL to NoSQL is quite another story.