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Jixee Projects

Jixee Projects

To give you an idea of how Jixee can work for your team, let’s take a look at how we use our own product.
At Jixee, we have a small, distributed development team. Our product manager is the point of contact for our development team and leads our daily SCRUM sessions.


We connect Jixee to our Slack account for chat and Github for our version control. Independently, our developers use whatever IDE they prefer.
Now that you know the tools we integrate with Jixee, this is how we set up our projects and boards.


1.) We have different projects dedicated to different aspects of our Jixee platform. For example, we have Jixee Infrastructure, Jixee Website, Jixee Platform, etc.


2.) In each project we backlog all of our tasks (anything we can think of). When we are ready for a sprint, we create a Sprint/Milestone in the Development Workboard, and link the relevant tasks to it. Once it is ready for QA we move that sprint over to the QA board. If it passes QA it gets sent to the release board (upon successful release).


We like to link groups of tasks to a sprint in Workboard mode or Kanban mode using the Shift + L hotkey combination (Note: all the tasks that you want to link must have their checkboxes enabled).



Jixee Sprints

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