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Introducing Jixee 3.0


It wasn’t long ago that we launched a new Jixee platform. Shortly after launch, we received some amazing feedback. We concluded our hypothesis was very close, but not perfect. So, we went back to the drawing board to revamp the Jixee platform. After a furious two months of work, we’re proud to unveil Jixee 3.0.

Who is Jixee 3.0 For?

Three words; developers, developers, developers.

Jixee was always meant for development teams. It’s why we started the journey of building Jixee. But somewhere along the way, we got lost trying to build something for everyone. Jixee 3.0 has regained that focus and every one of our new features is concentrated on helping development teams build better software, faster.

We took a long look at Jixee from 30,000 feet and realized that we had too many bells and whistles. We were weighing down the product with a bunch of “nice to have” features, but really veered away from our core mission. So like a Freddy Krueger movie, we slashed away.



One of the features we’re most proud to unveil is the product integration. Jixee now integrates three tools developers love most: GitHub, Bitbucket, and Slack. These integrations, which take seconds to complete, make your Jixee experience more robust and your job easier to do.


GitHub and Bitbucket are the two most-used repositories. Both of these tools allow you to commit and maintain of versions of code. Their integration with Jixee means that now you can see these code commits directly within your tasks. You don’t have to hop back and forth to check and see if the code was committed in GitHub when someone says they’ve completed a task. This makes your job much, much easier and allows you to just focus on what needs to get done.

GitHub integration is especially useful because we can pull in your GitHub reporting along with Jixee’s standard reports. You’ll be able to create beautiful, roll-up reports in minutes.


By integrating with Slack, Jixee users are able to communicate with other team members, in real-time, automatically. You can set up different Slack channels with different Jixee projects. Every time you complete a task, Slack is notified. Inter-team communication has never been easier.

New UX

With the lighter-weight version of Jixee, we decided that it was also time to update our dashboard UX. We set out to make Jixee much more intuitive, eliminating the need for cumbersome searches around the dashboard.

We now offer users a vertical left menu so you can easily navigate Jixee, no matter what you’re working on. Instead of having “projects” and “teams” for you to customize, we offer Workboards.

Workboards replace teams. Our Workboards are built-in, easy to use tabs. Much like your web browser, when you want to create a new board, click the plus sign, in any view. In less than one second, you’ve created a new board.

We pre-populate the four main stages developers need right off the bat. Backlog, Development, QA, and Release are ready to go. Everything else your team wants to add is ready for you at a click of a button. We want to give teams some flexibility to customize Jixee to their needs, but we didn’t want to make Jixee so intensely customizable that it became overly complex.

We’re excited to hear what you think about the new version of Jixee. It’s been a labor of love and we are really psyched about this new version of Jixee. Do not hesitate to reach out to us with any questions or future suggestions. We love hearing from users and value the feedback immensely.

See the new Jixee in action!