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Jixee Now Has Kanban

Thank you to all our customers and everyone else that has tried Jixee over the past few months. You’ve given us a lot of great feedback and we take each bit of feedback to heart.

One of the consistent requests we’ve received is for a Kanban view. Today we’re proud to say, “We do have Kanban!”

To access your Kanban view, log into Jixee, and simply choose the Kanban view icon in the top right corner of a project. If you’d like, you can easily change back to the default Workboard view.

While you’re in the Kanban view, you’re able to drag and drop tasks from board to board (including multiple tasks at once).

In addition to Kanban, we have patched up small bugs and stabilized the overall product. Thanks to everyone who has sent us a note with small product bugs.

Our work is not done. Please do not hesitate to reach out and let us know what features you’d like to see Jixee add. Feel free to send feedback and suggestions directly to jesse at jixee dot me.