How to convert your SVG icons into webfonts

Previously I posted an article called the benefits of converting your custom SVG icons into webfonts. We touched base on the history of pictograms, their communicational value and most importantly why we still use them today. I concluded that exporting my AI files into SVG icons made it more feasible to convert my vector graphics […]

The benefits of converting SVGs to web fonts.

It’s astonishing to me how much I’ve grown from traditional design into UI/UX and product design. Although there were many challenges and compromises along the way, I appreciate what design has evolved to in this vastly changing market. I originally came from a creative background specializing primarily in illustrations and commercial design. With 12+ years […]

Huffington Post’s 9 Handy Tools Software Developers Love and Why They Love Them

HuffingtonPost wrote an article entitled Handy Tools Software Developers Love and Why They Love Them, and we made the list for being “lauded by [our] users!” Check out what they said about us: “Established development teams need a project management tool or task tracker to keep their team organized as the work piles up. Atlassian’s Jira […]